Universal Multiclip Flat Blade All Sizes All Models

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Flat Multiclip wiper, includes 10 connectors (the most on the market – presented at the last page, together with installation manual), dedicated to 98% of European cars. No “tower” of connectors after installing. Designed like OE wipers. NEW - this Multiclip wiper covers also the new models of VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche groups (“narrow connector”). Steel nest of connectors – more stable and better press to the windshield surface.


Available in 

350mm 14"

380mm 15"

400mm 16"

430mm 17"

450mm 18"  

480mm 19'

500mm 20"

530mm 21'

550mm 22"

580mm 23"

600mm 24"

650mm 26"

710mm 28"