Universal Fabric Seat Cover Prestige Design

Universal Fabric Seat Cover Prestige Design

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High quality complete set of universal seat covers, consisting of:
- 2x front seat bottom cover
- 2x front seat top cover
- 1x rear bench bottom cover
- 1x rear bench top cover*
- 5x head rest cover
*Attention when folding down a divisible backseat

- Jacquard fabric
- 5mm Glue layered sponge
- Picture shows the average sizing, these can expand up to approx. 5%
- Easy installation
- Easy cleanable
- Phthalate free
- UV resistant
- Universal size to fit many car applications

- Universal pattern system: The specially engineered form in combination with the flexible fabric ensures optimal compatibility with all types of cars.
- Maximum protection: Provide max protection for your original seats. The best solution for dirt, stains and abrasions.
- High quality material: Multi-layered material which combines the comfort and the long lasting usage. Non carcinogenic substances and leather materials.
- Orthopedic design: Increase driving comfort with its extra sponge material in the waist and back area.
- Airbag sewed: Airbag labels on the seat covers prove that airbag sewing production technology has been applied on.
- Production under international standards: Our factory is equipped with the latest technologies to offer only the best products.

Side-Airbag compatible. Sewed car seat covers in 5 steps:
1) Material quality standards
2) Special stitching
3) Quailty controls
4) Succesfully tested on -35 to 80 degrees Celsius
5) Does not decelerate airbag deployment (up to 4,38ms reaction ratio)