Syma X25 PRO FPV Real Time 4 Channel Remote Control Quadcopter

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Syma X25PRO is a perfect model for beginners and experienced people in flying.

The built-in 6-axis stabilizer enables safe and stable flight.

Thanks to the satellite navigation system, the drone can easily find its way back to the transmitter.

The drone will automatically return to the owner if communication with the transmitter is lost or the battery power drops below a safe level.

The innovative "Headless" mode is a technology that makes it easier to control less experienced pilots. When Syma is inverted - The tilt directions of the right control stick corresponds exactly to the movement of the quadrocopter. However, if we turn it forward, the left side changes with the right and the front with the back."Headless" mode means that the controls are always the same regardless of the position of the drone.

Thanks to the headless mode, we don't have to watch in which direction the model is rotated, for example to come back to ourselves. Simply point the joystick at you and the model will fly towards you.

The drone has been equipped with an FPV camera that allows you to shoot movies and take photos.

The camera can be controlled with the remote control

The camera allows you to view the camera image in real time on the phone screen.

Just download the software from the manufacturer's website.

Syma X25PRO has a built-in barometer that maintains the current altitude. 

In many models we can see the effect of a floating quadrocopter in the air. Syma does not have these properties and is extremely stable during flight.

In addition, thanks to the flight planning function, you can determine the route your drone will follow

Thanks to the built-in LEDs, you can easily locate Symy during night flights. They also indicate a low battery.

Equipped with propeller covers that protect the propellers from damage during landing and more. They perform their tasks during indoor flights - in the event of a collision with the wall, we remain in the air undamaged and still maintain a stable flight.

Features and Benefits


  • The 6-axis stabilizer enables safe and stable flight
  • Built-in barometer
  • "Headless" mode
  • Automatic take-off / landing
  • Real-time camera image preview
  • Record videos and take photos
  • The camera can be controlled with a remote control
  • The possibility of performing aerial acrobatics
  • Raised legs for more comfortable filming


The kit includes:

X25Pro drone


Phone holder


4x propeller protection


USB charging cable

 4x spare propeller