Quixx Paint Repair Pen 12ml

Quixx Paint Repair Pen 12ml

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Deep scratches and scrapes, that can even reach down to the primer, can no longer be polished out.
For these cases of hardship, the QUIXX Repair system provides the Paint Repair Pen. It fills in deep scratches, repairs them and, thus, prevents impending corrosion and oxidation.

• Genuine clear coat in the pen reliably attains results in professional quality
• Also repairs and seals very deep scratches, scrapes and stone chips in the clear coat that cannot be completely removed using the special polishes
• Protects against corrosion and oxidation
• Suitable for all colors and gloss paints (also metallic)
• The clear coat from the pen fills the scratches and binds very harmoniously with the original paint
• Particularly the special tip of the pen enables accurate operation
• Very short drying time
• Application saves expensive repairs and aids value retention

Often just using special polishes alone does not completely remove scratches, paint damage, scrapes or stone chips from the clear paint. The QUIXX Paint Repair Pen offers a universal and easy Do-It-Yourself solution for all glossy paints and colors.
It fills the scratches and damaged areas with genuine clear coat that harmoniously binds itself to the original paint in a very short period. The special tip of the pen enables accurate operation and the application of very thin layers. Due to the innovative formula, the paint dries extremely quickly and, thus, prevents careless results. 

The QUIXX paint repair pen also permanently seals very deep scratches and scrapes that reach down to the primer. Thus it protects against corrosion and oxidation and prevents damage through corrosion. The easy and effective application can often prevent expensive repairs and attains top results in professional quality.

Tip: By simply repolishing the dry clear coat using the QUIXX paint scratch remover, the optical result of the paint repair can be made more perfect!

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