Premiun Car Head Up Display with OBD Cable connection

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Product function

1. Ambient decorative lighting
2. Engine RPM
3. Fault code alarm
4. Fatigue driving alarm
5. Alarm icon
6. Light sensor:HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment
7. Speed unit: KM/H , MPH
8. Multi-function zone: speed, water temperature, battery voltage, driving distance
9. Water temperature icon
10. Battery voltage icon


Wave button function

When the wave button is in the front

1. Short push left: after entering into the setting menu, to add the default value

2. Short push right: to switch the display mode (normal model/high speed mode/simple mode)

3. Short press in:
 (1) switch the multi functions: voltage/water temperature/Speed
 (2) after entering into the setting menu, to add the menu

4. Long push left: turn off/on the buzzer

5. Long push right: all lights will be on, to eliminate the fault code, do it again to save and exit

6. Long press in:
 (1) to enter into the setting menu
 (2) when finish the adjustment, long press in the button to save and exit


Information on the display:

- speed,
- engine speed,
- temperature of water,
- voltage,
- single mileage,
- driving fatigue alarm,
- engine error alarm

Screen size: 3.5 inch / 90x54x12mm