Premium Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Transmitter

Premium Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Transmitter

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Wireless Bluetooth audio receiver / transmitter with AUX adapter and USB connector

- Wireless audio streaming
- The latest Bluetooth 5.0 module ensures high sound quality without radio interference
- Operating range up to 5 meters
- Built-in HD microphone - the device can be used as a wireless hands-free car kit
- Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices (compatible with iOS, Android, Harmony OS) - will connect automatically
- Power supply from the USB port - (cable not stretched 38 cm, cable stretched as much as 150 cm!)
- Built-in sound enhancement - no echo effect

A perfect solution for cars without bluetooth
The wireless receiver will introduce new, very useful functions in the vehicle, such as playing music directly from the smartphone, navigation instructions directly in the car's multimedia system, hands-free kit, etc.
It is enough to connect the 3.5 mm JACK connector to AUX socket in your car, and the USB connector to the USB port on the radio or car charger.
For pairing: turn ON the Bluetooth function on the phone, search for ''Bluetooth'', click and connect.
(After the first connection and remembering the device, this operation will be performed automatically).
The BT receiver, thanks to the use of the latest Bluetooth technology version 5.0, provides the highest sound quality, without distortion as in the case of FM transmitters.

The transmitter will be perfect for a car, home theater, headphones, etc.

Wireless speakerphone
The Bluetooth Audio adapter is perfect as a hands-free car kit, and the built-in HD microphone with double noise reduction will ensure excellent call quality.