Premium Window Tint Film Chameleon Ultra Blue

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Window Tint Film Chameleon Ultra-Blue 152x200cm, self-adhesive

Chameleon Window Tint, a dazzling self-tinting print guaranteed to give your car an exclusive look and reduce glare in bright sunlight. The flexible film has a solid structure and therefore gives a high-quality finish.

Chameleon window film is available in the size 152x200cm. This allows you to apply the film to the entire windscreen, for example. You can easily apply it yourself and remove it again if you wish to change it again.

Besides giving your car a trendy new look, you can also use it if you have impact damage on your windows. The window film covers a window completely and therefore covers small chips, scratches and cracks in the window. In addition, it protects against further damage.

Of course, you can also apply the sun foil to other transparent parts/objects.

VLT: 86,4%
UVR: 99,9%
IRR: 47,4%

You can easily apply the film to the windows and just as easily take it off again. On YouTube, you can find numerous instruction videos to help you. Should you still want help applying car wrap, you can always visit your AutoStyle dealer.

Caution! Please check the legal requirements regarding window tinting before applying the film.