Premium Submersible Pump 12v/230v

Premium Submersible Pump 12v/230v

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The EINPARTS 12V/230V Aluminum Submersible Pump is an invaluable tool for transferring diesel fuel, heating oil, water, and other lightweight liquids. With an exceptional flow rate of 12 liters per minute and versatile applications, this pump is suitable for heavy-duty trucks, workshops, and everyday household use. Additionally, with the option of 230V mains power, you're ready to operate anywhere. User-friendly, easy to use, and well-built.

Technical Data:
Pump Diameter: 38 mm
Pump Length: 146 mm
Hose Length: 350 cm
Inner Hose Diameter: 12 mm
Outer Hose Diameter: 17 mm
Cable Inside the Pump: 3 meters long, with an ON/OFF switch, terminated with a car cigarette lighter socket plug
Power Supply Cable Length: 38 cm + 86 cm
Cable Length with Clamps: 31 cm
Power Supply Dimensions: 11.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 3 cm
Flow Rate: 12 liters per minute
Connectors: Nozzle 16 mm
Power Supply:
Power Supply Voltage: 12V (powered by a car cigarette lighter socket), clamped connector with a cigarette lighter socket or 230V power supply included (powered by mains electricity)

Application: Transferring diesel fuel, heating oil, water, liquid fat, and other lightweight liquids

Included in the Kit:
12V Pump
230V Power Supply
3,5 meters of Hose
User Manual

Additional Features:
Versatility and functionality: ability to transfer various lightweight liquids
Submersible motor, cooled by the pumped liquid
Excellent for use in workshop and household conditions
Ability to power from both a vehicle (12V) and mains electricity (230V)