Premium Hand Pump for Liquid

Premium Hand Pump for Liquid

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Technical Data:
Maximum Flow: up to 100 liters per hour (up to 100 l/h)
Dimensions of the pumping bulb: 11 x 5 x 5 cm
Internal Hose Diameter: 5 mm
External Hose Diameter: 9 mm
Total Hose Length: 200 cm (80 cm + 120 cm)

Purpose: Transferring various fluids, including fuel, oil, water, coolant, and others
Excellent equipment for a car, garage, home, boat, aquarium, basement

Advantages of the Pump:
Change of flow direction possible by rotating the pump
High flow rate up to 100 l/h
Made of high-quality materials
Easy to use

Set Includes:
Rubber pumping bulb
2 hose clamps
Hoses with a total length of 200 cm

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