Premium Car Vacuum Cleaner & Air Compressor

Premium Car Vacuum Cleaner & Air Compressor

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Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner: 120W 12V with AIR COMPRESSOR and HEPA filter.
An easy-to-use car vacuum cleaner with 3 nozzles will easily remove small and larg dirt from the car upholstery.
Thanks to the power supply from the 12V cigarette lighter socket, you do not need any additional wiring or extension cords. Over 4 meters long and flexible cable provides great freedom of vacuuming and access to every place of the car interior.
The set includes an extension with a replaceable tip that allows you to reach hard-to-reach places.
Its lightness will allow you to keep the vacuum cleaner in your hand longer or to leave the car clean and enjoy greater driving comfort.
An additional advantage of the handheld vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the LED lamp located at the front, which will improve the operation of the device after dark.
It has a HEPA filter, it is a reusable filter, which is a very convenient solution for owners.
2 in 1? Yes, it is not only a vacuum cleaner but also air compressor - easy to hide in your boot/trunk.
You can always have a vacuum cleaner at hand, and in an emergency, a compressor with a 76 cm long polyurethane hose. The perfect solution!

The set includes 3 replaceable tips that, with their specific application, will easily remove the most difficult dirt, such as:
- sand
- crumbs
- hair
- fine glass
- 76 cm long polyurethane compressor hose.
- 2 nozzles for inflating mattresses, etc.


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