Premium Car Fan with Suction Mount

Premium Car Fan with Suction Mount

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An ideal fan, quiet and at the same time very efficient, which provides a strong blast of air needed during very hot days when travelling by car or standing in traffic.

The fan has two speed modes, so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

The robust suction cup allows the fan to be mounted on the windscreen or in the passenger compartment.

The device allows air to circulate inside the vehicle, improving driving comfort and providing better conditions for the driver and passengers.



  • Improved driving comfort: A car fan provides efficient air circulation, which can help keep the car temperature at the right level during hot days. In addition, the fan can also help remove odours and moisture from the vehicle interior.
  • Easy installation: The suction cup car fan is easy to install and can be easily attached to the windshield or passenger compartment with a sturdy suction cup.
  • Universality: The car fan can be used in different types of cars and is versatile in its application.
  • Thanks to the adjustable joint, the fan can be positioned in any direction.