Premium Battery Charger

Premium Battery Charger

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Powered by 230V AC, it offers an output voltage of 12/24V, ensuring versatile charging. Equipped with an intelligent temperature monitoring system, battery status indication, and four different operating modes, this rectifier is an indispensable tool for charging and maintaining car batteries, AGM, calcium, and low-capacity batteries. Reliability, safety, and effectiveness!

Technical Data:
Power Supply: 230V AC
Output Voltage: 12/24V
Output Voltage without Load: 13.8V
Initial Minimum Voltage: Above 2V
Output Current:
For 12V - 8 A
For 24V - 4 A
Maximum Power under Load: 130W
No-Load Power: 3.2W
Cooling System: Fan
Dimensions: 17x10x5.5 cm
Power Cord Length: Approximately 115 cm
Length of Clamp Cables: Approximately 70 cm

Battery Charge Level Indicator
Voltage and Current Charging Indicator
Ambient Temperature Sensor (If the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, the rectifier will increase the charging voltage. If the temperature rises above 29 degrees Celsius, the rectifier will decrease the charging voltage)
Indication of Incorrect Battery Connection, Contact Contamination, or Battery Damage

Car Battery Charging (30-150Ah):
For 12V - Maximum Charging Current 8A
For 24V - Maximum Charging Current 4A

AGM or Calcium Battery Charging

Low Capacity Battery Charging (6-30Ah):
Maximum Charging Current 1.5A

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