Pingi ActiveBrush Wash brush

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Pingi PAB-F1 ActiveBrush Wash brush

The Pingi F1 ActiveBrush has a patented reservoir that fills in 1 second with 120ml extra suds when you submerge it in a bucket. Then the suds will be released in 20 seconds while you are washing the surface. So you have to take suds less and you are done faster. Extremely suitable for rims, hubcaps, caravans and boats, but also for garden furniture, role shutters and more! The brush has soft bristles and a rubber edge to prevent scratches. The handle is ergonomically designed and is provided with a cutaway so that the brush can be hung up.

- 120ml water chamber
- High-grade slightly curved brush
- Protective rubber frame
- No hose required
- Unique patented Danish Design