Liquid Elements Polishing Pad Red Heavy Cut 125mm

Liquid Elements Polishing Pad Red Heavy Cut 125mm

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Liquid Elements Pad Man V2 Polishing Pad / Polishing Sponge

The Liquid Elements Pad Man V2 polishing sponges from German production are developed and produced under the highest quality requirements.
With a focus on performance, quality and durability, the Pad Man V2 are a revolution in car care.

The Pad Man V2 polishing pads have been developed for every purpose in vehicle preparation with regard to polishing.
From highly abrasive polishing to the finest finishes, the Pad Man V2 offers the best value for money on the market.

The polishing sponges are suitable for professional vehicle conditioners as well as for beginners in vehicle preparation.



Diameter of the foam: 145mm
Diameter of the support plate Holder (Velcro): 125mm
Height / Thickness: 15mm
Surface structure: flat/smooth


Pad Texture:

Red - hard, abrasive, suitable for heavy cut polishes
Yellow - medium strong, standard, allround, suitable for medium cut polishes
Green - fine, soft, suitable for high gloss and finish polishes
Purple - extremely soft, no grinding effect, no abrasiveness, suitable for applying sealants with machine.