Liquid Elements Double Grab Washing Glove

Liquid Elements Double Grab Washing Glove

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Liquid Elements Double Grab Washcloth

The Double Grab from Liquid Elements offers a perfect combination with its two-sided microfiber structure and thus provides the best washing results.

One side of the Double Grab (blue & white) consists of a gentle, differently thick, long-pile microfiber structure, which is sewn together with a zipper. This side ensures an intensive and very gentle cleaning of the vehicle surface by absorbing and carrying away the dirt. The dirt particles on the blue-white side are sealed and only released again when the glove is completely immersed in the washing bucket so that the microfibers can open again to let the dirt particles escape and the Double Grab is clean again.

The other side of the Double Grab (gray) consists of a very fine, soft and tight-meshed microfiber, with which one can approach the vehicle surface just as easily and gently as with the other side. The difference with the gray side lies in the special combination of thickness, length and arrangement of the fibers. The microfibers automatically overlap each other during the washing process on the vehicle surface, thus creating a unique "polishing effect" in which it appears after washing that the surface is even cleaner and shinier than with normal washcloths.


  • 2-sided microfiber
  • Weight: 123 grams
  • Size: 28x30 cm
  • Scratch-free washing
  • High water absorption
  • High quality
  • Radiant shine after vehicle washing


  1. Mix the shampoo water with the washcloth
  2. Absorb as much shampoo water as possible and stroke it from top to bottom over the vehicle surface
  3. After washing, rinse the glove from an area of approx. 40x40 cm and take up new shampoo water