Liquid Elements Clay Lube 1L

Liquid Elements Clay Lube 1L

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Liquid Elements Clay Lube Lubricant - Clay Lubricant

Liquid Elements Clay Lube is a specially developed clay lubricant for use with cleaning clay. The ingredients used not only protect the clay, but also provide an enormous sliding behavior. Protects against scratches during the clay process and prevents the porous breakdown of the cleaning clay, as would happen when using detergent as a lubricant.


  • Special lubricant for cleaning clay
  • Prevents porous breakdown of the clay
  • Enormous sliding behavior
  • Residues easy to remove
  • Scratching of the treated surface is greatly reduced


  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Sufficiently moisten the surface to be treated with Clay Lube
  3. Glide with the cleaning clay under light pressure over the moistened surface
  4. Remove residues with a microfiber cloth such as Liquid Elements Moss