Liquid Elements 3 Pce Soft Brush Set

Liquid Elements 3 Pce Soft Brush Set

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Grey Soft Brush Brush Set

The very soft Grey Soft Brush Brushes are ideal for all hard-to-reach areas both inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle. The special feature here is the diverse possibilities of use, since the very soft bristles are suitable for paint, foil, glass and plastic surfaces without damaging the surface or causing scratches.

The Grey Soft Brush has a 2-stage bristle structure. The lower styles of the bristles provide stability and the upper ends of the bristles are made of softer material and can thus be used for detailing without causing scratches or damage.

The extra stable and yet very soft bristles are also resistant to slightly alkaline and slightly acidic cleaners. Nevertheless, it is recommended to rinse the brush after using an alkaline or acidic cleaner.


very soft bristles
bristles made of synthetic fibers
scratch-free working

Areas of application:

Painted surfaces
Plastic surfaces
Vent grilles
Rubber sleeves


Total length: 21.5-24.5 cm
Bristle hair length: 4.5-5.3 cm
Head diameter: 2.4-3.8 cm
Handle length/stem: 14.5-16 cm

3 pieces Liquid Elements Grey Soft Brush brushes in different sizes