Holts Radweld + Total Cooling System Leak Repair 250ml

Holts Radweld + Total Cooling System Leak Repair 250ml

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Product Description

When it comes to total coolant leak repair products, Radweld Plus is the gold standard. It seals coolant to air leaks in the Engine block, cylinder head, radiator and hoses. It contains an anti-corrosion formula that protects and maintains a healthy coolant system whilst eliminating the need to drain the system.

It is suitable for all cars and all anti-freeze, and has been proven to beat the nearest competitor when sealing the largest leaks in your engine and cooling system. This 250ml bottle treats up to 21 litres.

Founded in the United Kingdom more than 65 years ago, Holts has become an industry leader in the manufacture and global distribution of automotive aftermarket products.

Safety Warning

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