Holts Brake Cleaner Professional Multi Purpose Parts Cleaner 600ml

Holts Brake Cleaner Professional Multi Purpose Parts Cleaner 600ml

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Rapidly cleans & degreases brakes, clutches and all metal parts or surfaces - removes brake dust, pad residue, grease, dirt and oily deposits. Fantasic for cleaning discs in behind alloy wheels.

Rapid cleaner for asbestos, grease and oil stained brakes, couplings and other metal components. Removes asbestos dust from the brake system without leaving a residue. The powerful jet of this solvent based formula dissolves oils & greases and blasts off brake dust & dirt in seconds. The carefully selected solvent formula contains no chlorinated solvents and no acetone so is safe for use on ABS systems.

To use spray liberally onto greasy or dirty surfaces
To remove built up grime & grease, wipe on with absorbent cloth or paper
100% Pure Solvent Formula = Superior Performance
600ml aerosol with 360° valve
- Contributes to safety of braking system
- The ball valve means it can be used upright or upside down (360°)
- Does not contain any chlorinated solvent, acetone or silicone CO2 propellant
- Powerful application jet

- Suitable For Wide Range Of Cleaning Uses
- Heavy Duty Without
- Can Be Used Upside Down