Gyeon Q²M Polish 120ml

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Gyeon Q2M Polish is a Medium-cut, one-step compound designed to revive paint.

Gyeon Q²M Polish is an effective polish, designed to leave a hologram free finish and deep gloss. It also has medium cutting power, proving it to be a great product for one-step refreshment.

Gyeon Q²M Polish has proved its ability to work with both rotary and orbital polishers, being a wholly universal product. Its great, glossy finish will outrun all regular medium cut polishes, in most cases eliminating the need to use a finishing-only product. It works with all available, quality polishing and finishing pads.


  • Work with a polishing machine of your choice.
  • Spread at low speed.
  • Work until fully diminished at medium speed.
  • Wipe off with an HQ microfiber cloth.
  • Use a 1:1 dilution of IPA to remove the remaining product and inspect the results.
  • If needed, re-use
  • 120ml