Grace Mate Original Poppy Air Freshener Lavender 150ml

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Genuine Grace mate Poppy Air freshener MADE IN JAPAN, pleasant atmosphere in your vehicle or house.

The highest grade liquid perfuming agent creates a fresh, pleasant atmosphere in your car, office, home(living room/toilet/bedroom).
Specification: Volume: 150ml Dimension: 90 X 95 X 95 MM

These air fresheners are the Genuine Grace mate Poppy Air Freshener and will last in excess of 3 months in a vehicle.

1. Remove cap.
2. Take away inner green seal
3. Replace cap
4. Use provided stickers to place on a flat surface.

Grace mate poppy is the world-wide best seller of all Truck air fresheners that has more than 30 years history. Original Air freshener Grace mate poppy

LED Lights to fit under the base of the Air Freshener, available in Red, Blue, Green, and RGB with cigarette lighter plug
The Led Bases are supplied with the male cigarette adapter and are suitable for 12v – 24v supply. Simply plug into the cigarette fitting within the vehicle.