Forcell 3in1 Sail Mag Wireless Charger

Forcell 3in1 Sail Mag Wireless Charger

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The Sail Mag 3in1 magnetic wireless charger safely and quickly charges three devices at the same time. Compatible with Apple products: iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods. Support MagSafe technology.  

One charger instead of several 

One charger can be used to charge multiple devices, eliminating the need for multiple chargers. This can help reduce clutter and save space.

Sail Mag ensures secure charging

Secure charging is a feature that helps protect your device from damage caused by overcharging, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuits. It works by monitoring the voltage and current of the charger and adjusting it to the optimal level for your device. This helps to ensure that your device is secure. 

Non-slip rubber feet help to keep the power supply in place and prevent it from sliding around. They also protect the surface from scratching.

Elegant and compact

The matte black finish of this wireless charger makes it an elegant addition to any desk. Its slim design also ensures that it won't take up too much space, making it a great choice for small work spaces.

How to achieve the best charging results when using the Sail Mag charger?

For fast and safe charging of three devices at the same time, use a power adapter with a power of 25 W or more and a fast charging cable. If you use the wrong power adapter and cable, the charger will not charge the phone in fast charging technology, or it will not charge 3 devices at the same time.


Input: 12 V/1.5 A 9 V/2 A 5 V/3 A

Wireless charger output 1: 15 W (max)

Wireless charger output 2: 5 W (max)

iWatch wireless charger output: 2.5 W (max)

Interface: Type-C

Product dimensions: 156,5  x 106, 5 x 121,5 mm

USB-C-USB-C cable included