Easy-Lip Universal Frontspoiler/Sideskirt 225cm Black EPDM Rubber

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AutoStyle Easy-Lip

Give your car a unique sporty look with the AutoStyle Easy-Lip. In three easy steps, you have a front spoiler and/or side skirts on your car at a fraction of the costs of normal front spoilers and side skirts.

This do-it-yourself spoiler is totally hot in the tuning scene. AutoStyle has extensively tested the assembly and usage on our own car. The installation is very easy, as you can see in the instruction video below, attaches immediately and sticks perfectly. 1 roll, 225 cm, is enough to make your entire front bumper sporty. If you want to make two side skirts two rolls are required.

The AutoStyle Easy-Lip:

1. Really easy to apply.
2. Universal for all cars.
3. Fraction of the price of normal front spoilers and side skirts.
4. Protects your bumper from damage.


The application is very easy. You can easily apply the AutoStyle Easy-Lip on the car and take it off just as easily. We have made an instructional video for you and placed it below to assist you with the installation.

3-step assembly:

1. Clean (De-grease) the underside of your bumper for a good adhesion.
2. Apply the Easy-Lip on the bumper.
3. Cut the Easy-Lip with a sharp pair of scissors and you're done!