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Chemical Guys Evolve R4 Rotary Backing Plate

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The Evolve R4 Rotary Backing Plate is the backing plate that flexes, conforms, and moves with you for even paint removal and glossy glow on flat surfaces, curves, and contours alike.

Use This To: 

  • Get professional results with any rotary machine
  • Get the safest rotary experience
  • Spread weight, pressure, and polish evenly
  • Minimize chance of damaging paint
  • Spread polishing force evenly across the surface

The Evolution of Rotary Backing Plates

The R4 Backing Plate is most surface friendly solution to buffing with an adaptive design that bends, flexes, compacts and expands fast. The R4 Backing Plate uses thick plush foam to spread out pressure from the weight of the machine and the user’s grip. Even weight distribution across the whole pad helps eliminate hot spots and ensures even paint removal for deeper gloss in the shiny finish.

A Size for Every Job

The R4 Backing Plate fits onto every rotary polisher that uses the hook and loop interface and a 5/8’’ - 11 output shaft. Use the compact 3” backing plate to fit into tight areas like door jambs, grilles, vents, headlights, tail lights, and more. Back up 6.5” and larger buffing and polishing pads with the 6” size, or choose the 5” for the perfect balance of coverage and focused cutting power.