Bad Boys Plastic & Rubber Ext Dressing Cookie 5L

Bad Boys Plastic & Rubber Ext Dressing Cookie 5L

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Thick silicone based product for maintenance of external rubber and plastic parts of cars. It gives the effect of a deep and pure colour that stays on the plastic surface for several car washes. It gives the surface a hydrophobic effect.

Product characteristics:

  • product for external rubbers and plastics

  • protects against weather conditions

  • gives rubber and plastics a saturated colour

  • preserves surfaces

  • forms a protective coating with a hydrophobic effect


  • clean the surface using BadBoys Plastic Cleaner or BadBoys Tire&Rrubber Cleaner (depending on what you are cleaning)

  • apply a small amount of product to a sponge applicator

  • spread an even layer

  • remove excess dressing using a microfibre towel


  • not applicable to interior plastics

  • prepare plastic surface for greater durability

  • store in a dry and cool place at 5–25

  • do not expose to freezing or overheating

  • before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not apply in direct sunlight

  • keep out of reach of children