Bad Boys Limited Edition Boy Scented Set

Bad Boys Limited Edition Boy Scented Set

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Kit Contains:

Bad Boys Plastic Cleaner Boys Perfume Scented

A cleaner for surfaces made of hard plastic materials in exteriors and interiors of cars. It is ideal for preparing elements for dressing application. The preparation is ready to use. After cleaning, the surface does not need to be rinsed. It effectively deals with dirt, leaving a clean, natural plastic surface. A product with a bubble gum fragrance.


Product characteristics:

  • product designed for cleaning hard plastics (e.g. door sides, cockpit elements);
  • restores the clean and natural look of the material;
  • product ready to use; not require rinsing after application;
  • bubble gum fragrance; safe for the cleaned surface;
  • recommended before application of internal and external dressings;



  • shake before use;
  • apply a small amount of foam onto a microfibre cloth or soft brush;
  • collect excess product and dissolved dirt, wipe dry with a microfibre cloth;
  • in case of using Interior Dressing Bad Boys on a plastic surface, wait a few minutes for the preparation to fully evaporate;
  • if the component is very soiled, repeat the above steps;



  • store in a dry and cool place at 10–25℃
  • before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not apply in direct sunlight


Bad Boys Interior Dressing | Boys Perfume Scented 500ml

Dressing for interior plastics, protects and enhances the colour depth of plastic, rubber and vinyl elements. Perfect for both matt and glossy surfaces. Product with a fantastic cola fragrance.


  • mild product for refreshing and protecting interior plastics

  • forms an anti static layer

  • leaves a UV filter to prevent the elements from fading

  • cola fragrance

  • dense texture

  • safe for the surface to be cleaned

  • the preparation is ready to use


  • before applying Interior Dressing, clean the surface with Interior Detailer Bad Boys or in the case of more severe soiling — with Plastic Cleaner Bad Boys

  • shake before use

  • apply a small amount of the product with the applicator or microfiber

  • remove excess product with a microfibre cloth

  • to enhance the effect, repeat the action and apply a second coat


  • avoid spraying on upholstery and windows

  • store in a dry and cool place at 5–25℃

  • before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool

  • do not expose to freezing or overheating

  • do not leave to dry out on a surface

  • keep out of reach of children


BadBoys Scent Boy

Air freshener with a spray. Intended for use in a car and indoors.

The product is not a permanent air freshener.
The temperature, airing the car through open windows or turned on airflow, and the amount of sprayed product have a big influence on the duration of the smell.

We recommend 5-6 sprays a day to maintain the intensity of the fragrance.

Bad Boys Foamer 200ml

Gray microfiber 40x40 with hem

Oval applicator - hard

Applicator with a diameter of 90mm, dedicated to the application of our ceramic wax. The applicator, thanks to the use of a hard white sponge, is durable and will allow for repeated application of the wax without deformation. The black sponge is very soft, which makes it much easier to apply the wax, especially on surfaces with a lot of embossing.