Bad Boys Kneeling Mat 36x18 Medium

Bad Boys Kneeling Mat 36x18 Medium

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Designed to work in places where your need to work in uncomfortable position.

It is designed to protect both the body from the scratches and the clothing from damage. Made of high quality EVA foam. They are  highly resistant to oily substances and chemicals. It is waterproof, not susceptible to crushing. The mats are easy to clean, light and handy. Ergonomic handle allows convenient carrying, or hanging after work is finished. Thanks to RRC mats, work becomes more pleasant and efficient. Appreciated by mechanics, detailers , electricians, plumbers and others.


The soft mat ensures the high comfort during long hours of work on the lap. Compact size makes it easy to carry

Length : 360 mm

Width: 180 mm

Thickness: 27 mm

Weight: 777 mg