Bad Boys Alkaline Shampoo 500ml

Bad Boys Alkaline Shampoo 500ml

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RRCustoms BadBoys Alkaline Shampoo

The alkaline shampoo, with enhanced formula, has much better cleaning properties than the neutral shampoo. Designed to remove heavy dirt from the car body. Safe for hard waxes and ceramic coatings. Completely safe for car paints, rims, gaskets and windows.



  • perform a non-contact prewash using active foam or prewash (TFR),
  • prepare the solution by mixing the shampoo with water, use 25 ml of shampoo per 10 l of water, we recommend ‘two bucket’ washing, starting from the roof, heading downwards using a RRC wool glove and buckets with separator,
  • rinse the vehicle with water (preferably pressure hose) to remove any remaining dirt and debris.