AutoStyle USA Module

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With this universal USA-Module you can give your indicator lights a constant adjustable parking light function. The module is applicable to almost any car and makes your indicator lights glow dimmed along with the normal lighting.

Your indicator lights give a nice dimmed light so you can create a beautiful American appearance .This system is also used on many American cars. Of course the indicator lights will flash when you indicate your direction.

You can easily install the USA-Module in the car and they are just as easy to get out again. On YouTube you can find many instructional videos to help you with the installation.

This universal USA-Module is suitable for lights to create an American look. Cars with a Canbus board computer may have problems with this system, if parking or indicator light is controlled by the onboard computer, you can get error messages. We recommend you check in advance and in such case please refer to the installation manual using a relay/resistor.

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