Amio Emergency Hammer Seat Belt Cutter

Amio Emergency Hammer Seat Belt Cutter

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Safety keyring for the driver. A small. but very useful product that combines the features of a hammer for breaking glass and a knife for cutting seat belts. An ideal gadget for any self-respecting survivalist and, above all, a small item that can save a driver's life in a crisis situation.

Window punch hammer - simply press the key ring firmly against the glass to quickly and safely break it, using the punch.

Seatbelt cutter on the underside of the keyring - protected by a plastic element. A metal ring that allows the key ring to be attached to a set of car keys.

This device should be on the equipment of all drivers. With the key fob attached to your keys, even after the most tragic incident, it is always within easy reach, just reach into the ignition and you will free yourself from the tight straps, break the window and get out.


Product specifications:

-Factory new product.

-Material: ABS.

-Dimensions: 75mm x 33mm x 18mm.


In an emergency you can use the emergency kit:

-to break a window (completely effortless!)

-to cut the straps,

-to call for help,

-the key ring form ensures that you always have it to hand.