Alu-Teufel Special Wheel Cleaner Green 5L

Alu-Teufel Special Wheel Cleaner Green 5L

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Alu-Teufel Spezial Wheelcleaner - Green - 5000ml - Test Winner!

Alu-Teufel Spezial®, the special cleaner for new or high-gloss rims that are chromed, polished or anodized!

Alu-Teufel smoothly dry-cleans all aluminum rims. A molecular protective layer will be formed on the rim that prevents the build-up of heavy contamination if you’ll use is regularly.

Alu-Teufel also protects trim rings, hard chromed bumpers and decorative strips against rust. This cleaner will do this in such a mild way, so it doesn’t affect lacquer, synthetic material or rubber. It cleans smoothly mild to very strong contaminations. Even brake dust, which exist for years, will vanishes into thin air!

Furthermore, this wheel cleaner also removes stubborn contamination without affecting the treated surfaces. Alu-Teufel does this by means of a protective effect on all types of metals. This product is biodegradable.

How to use:
Spray this product onto the rim, let it work for 2 to 4 minutes and spray it afterwards with a high-pressure cleaner. This product is supplied in a 5000ml jerry can.

Our tip: Use Alu-Teufel weekly during the of your car to achieve the best results!