Alien Magic Luxury Car Care Rim X Wheel & Tyre Soap 500ml

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Why Rim X?

Rim X is an ACID FREE Wheel Shampoo with great degreasing properties for deep cleaning of wheels & tyres prior to applying tyre dressings.

Ideal for maintenance of protected and sensitive wheel finishes, Rim X will safely clean brake dust, mud & road film when acid based alloy wheel cleaner are not an option. The formula is great for degreasing wheel arches, easy to use and can be diluted down to as much as 1:25 depending on soiling.

The PH neutral composition of Rim X has the power to clean effortlessly whilst also being gentle enough not to strip any existing wax, coatings or sealants so your safe in the knowledge that your wheels are always protected.

Rim X has the ability to be used as both a traditional wheel shampoo in a bucket as well as diluted into a spray bottle which can then be sprayed directly onto the surface and your chosen wheel brush or wash mitt. Being a Biodegradable formula you can rest easy that you are not harming the environment.

Enjoy washing your wheels again and again in ease with a shampoo that does all the hard work for you.

Key Benefits

  • Acid free formula
  • Outstanding effortless cleaner
  • Silicone & Wax free – will not strip wax, coating or sealants
  • PH neutral composition – gentle on surfaces
  • 100% Biodegradable

Car Care Advice

Wheel shampoo is a specialist product in the car wash routine, usually following a pre wash stage it is the next logical step in actually removing the dirt and grime that gathers on your wheels. Our advise is to use Rim X in a 2 bucket method, a grit guard in each ,detailing brushes and a wash mitt.

Direction For Use

    • Shake well and dilute according to our table below
    • Pour required amount into wash bucket/spray bottle and dilute with water
    • Wash wheels, tyres and wheel arches
    • Rinse the areas thoroughly

Dilution Ratios:

  • For heavily soiled wheels dilute 1:10
  • For lightly soiled wheels dilute 1:20