Alien Magic Luxury Car Care Pure Magic Citrus Pre Wash & Grime Remover 500ml

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Why Pure Magic?

Alien Magic Pure Magic is a revolutionary highly concentrated Pre-Wash vehicle cleaner that will remove tough traffic film effortlessly without any compromise.

Use prior to shampooing or Snow Foaming a vehicle to remove dirt such as grit, muck, insects and bird lime. Safe for use on paintwork, glass, plastics and more.

Key Benefits

  • Highly concentrated buy yet safe formula ideal prior to snow foam or shampoo
  • Removes tough traffic film effortlessly
  • Safe to use on paintwork, glass, plastics and more
  • Water-based

Car Care Advice

Pre wash products have an active role to play in the car wash routine, removing tough traffic film without removing wax and sealants is what sets Pure Magic apart. Its also great on vehicle door frames and sills.

Direction For Use

    • Rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris
    • Spray Pure Magic directly onto the surface and leave to dwell for 3 minutes
    • Thoroughly rinse using a pressure washer ensure no product remains

Do not use in direct sunlight

  • Safe to use out of a bottle but can also be diluted up to 1 part of product and 20 parts of water for economy use.