Alien Magic Luxury Car Care Leather Care Pro Leather Protector 200ml

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Why Leather PRO?

Owning a vehicle means there is a very strong chance you will spend more time inside the car than you will admiring the glossy shine on the paintwork, remaining clean, fresh and protected is the only way to enjoy it and retain much of its value.

Leather Pro lays down a coating for leather upholstery that is invisible and highly hydrophobic, repelling liquids and soiling without any discolouration. The innovative Silica-based formulation provides excellent results on natural and synthetic leather by deeply penetrating the pores to condition and preserve it with waterborne waxes and oils.

Everyday wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance and UV rays will cause leather to weaken, crack and fade. Leather Pro will nourish the leather before shielding it from any further damage, soiling or staining.

The durability of Leather PRO is outstanding with durability of up to 6 months when applied as instructed. A 200ml bottle will protect and feed your car's leather for up to 18 months depending on vehicle size (only 5-6 squirts required per seat).

Leather Pro is completely safe on all types of natural and synthetic leather ( automotive or not ), leaving a natural non-glossy finish and pleasant smell.

Key Benefits

  • Leaves surfaces protected, feeling clean without any sticky or greasy residue
  • Conditions and protects all natural and synthetic leather
  • Highly hydrophobic, silica-based formula
  • Repels liquids and soiling without discolouration
  • Prevents further damage fading or UV damage by nourishing the leather
  • Outstanding durability of up to 6 months per single application

Car Care Advice

Leather coatings provide an essential barrier to protect your expensive leather upholstery from dirt, grime, fading, cracking, oils and grease. Protection for your leather is essential in maintaining that new car feel and retaining the value of your vehicle .

Direction For Use

  • Ensure all leather has been cleaned prior to application we recommend using Classy leather cleaner
  • Spray 5-6 squirts onto a foam applicator or microfibre cloth
  • Rub gently into the leather
  • Allow to penetrate for 30 seconds
  • Buff with a clean microfibre cloth to seal the formula