Alien Magic Argon Quick Detailer 500ml

Alien Magic Argon Quick Detailer 500ml

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Argon is THE perfect for use wherever Quick Detailer, Spray wax or Drying Aid is required. Argon can be used on any painted, plastic, metal, chrome, glass or vinyl surface of your vehicle.

Argon has been designed as an easy to apply liquid (spray on buff off) with its primary job being to protect surfaces and reduce the appearance of fine scratches and swirls.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a traditional wax by any means, it contains many other ingredients including Nano Particles which not only protect but create a strong hydrophobic barrier against liquid as well as working as a stand alone Quick Detailer to give a deep gloss shine after washing.

Argons has the spectacular ability to extend the life of existing paint protection against the elements whilst adding a hydrophobic barrier against liquids, enhancing the deep gloss shine of any LSP (last stage protection) that is already applied.

Argon is a water-based, environmentally friendly formula which contains no harsh abrasives or chemicals. Unique formula contains an advanced blend of surfactants, polymers and the latest Nano technology which produces an ultra slick surface that dirt, grime, road debris and water simply slide off.

Argon can be used as a LSP or as an enhancer on top of waxes, sealants and coatings, the unique formula cures quickly upon contact with the surface ready to buff off with a plush towel.

The formula will provide 6-10 weeks protection, water beading and high gloss used with all Alien Magic maintenance wash products, applied after every maintenance wash it will continue providing protection, beading and shine and greatly reduce maintenance wash times.