BMW Wind Deflectors

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These Heko Wind Deflectors are designed to allow you to keep your windows open while protecting you from the rain, wind and the glare of the sun. They allow natural air flow into your vehicle without wind noise or buffeting, improving the overall comfort of driving.

Each deflector is precision cut from 3mm tinted acrylic to the exact fit of your Vehicle. The dark tint and aerodynamic profile gives these wind deflectors a sleek look, enhancing your vehicles appearance.

These wind deflectors fit easily into the window channel for simple installation. Equipped with an adhesive backing, simply peel away for a secure fit. Your wind deflectors may come with securing clips, depending on your vehicles design.  Please note that you will receive the correct amount of securing clips and will not require extras.

  • Tailor-made acrylic wind deflectors to fit your Vehicle
  • Reduces wind noise while protecting you from the elements
  • Quick and easy installation into the window channel

Fitting Guide:

  1. Wind your windows down and clean the channels with a damp cloth and mild detergent (like washing up liquid).
  2. Remove the backing from the adhesive tape (we recommend a test fit first).
  3. Slot the vertical edge of the deflector into the window channel (by the wing mirror).
  4. Make sure that only the flat lip of the deflector is inside the channel, as failing to do so can cause damage to the deflector.
  5. With the vertical edge in place, gently bend the deflector down until you can fit it the edge into the opposite side channel.
  6. Once you've got the edge slotted in, release the deflector and guide into place.
  7. Once in place, press it against the side of the window channel to make sure the adhesive tape adheres.
  8. If your deflectors are supplied with clips, fit them at the rear edge of the deflector between the window channel and deflector. Push the clip into the window channel with the spike facing the inside of the vehicle.
  9. Your deflectors are now fitted! Wind your window up and leave for 24 hours to let everything settle.
Please Note: On certain models, the deflector can initially slow the window down. This isn't a problem and will stop once everything has settled. You can lubricate the channel with maintenance spray or similar if it is still struggling.


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